Finding Electrical Work During COVID Pandemic

It may seem like an insurmountable task – just how do you go about finding electrical work during COVID-19, in the middle of a recession?

It may sound like the makings of a film or book, but that is the situation that a lot of self employed electricians are finding themselves in during the COVID-19 crisis.

Many small businesses had their backs up against the wall during the ‘lockdown’, being forced to choose between providing for their families, or putting them at risk due to potential exposure to the illness.

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Is Finding Electrical Work During COVID Possible?

Let me start this paragraph with a resounding YES!

We are growing our business, and so are many more across the country. This isn’t by luck, or some crazy magic formula.

It is simply by keeping your name on the tip of your local customers tongue when they need an electrician.

This may sound a bit ‘crazy’ or ‘woo-woo’, but by simply having a presence within your local community, people will being to recognise you as an electrician. Then when they need an electrician, for that light that broke, or the new security light for outside, who do you think they will call?

Think about where your local customers spend time – some will frequent local Facebook groups, some may use the NextDoor app, or others still may frequent local community buildings and services.

Where To Begin Finding Electrical Work During COVID?

This is easier than you would imagine. And to be quite truthful, the answer is that it is probably the same place you should have been spending time looking for customers before COVID-19 if you wanted a successful business.

Again, think about where your local customers spend their time. Is there a local newsagent/post office where you could put a flyer in the window for very little cost.

Some community buildings may allow you to pin a business card or small flyer onto a notice board. This should always be discussed with the relevant people in charge of the building.

However, many community facilities are actually quite willing to help small, local, family based businesses finding electrical work during COVID-19

More Tips On Finding Electrical Work in General

If you are a self employed electrician then you are *MORE* than just an electrician.

You are a business owner, and if you want to flourish and have a stream of customers calling for your services then you need to think with the mindset of a business owner.

Unfortunately, this is not something which is taught at colleges, night schools or apprenticeships when it comes to the trade. Technical craft is one thing, but if you don’t have any customers then you don’t have a business.

And do not ever allow yourself to be fooled by online trolls (most of whom are probably in full time employment) who say that if you are good enough you won’t need to advertise/market yourself!

These are usually the same guys who are paying through the nose to be on a comparison website with other electricians (think of any of the big lead-gen sites). And what do people want from a comparison site? Answer = the cheapest quote.

The race to the bottom is not a race you want to win!

Free Resources For Finding Electrical Work During COVID

You need to section your diary out such that you have a small amount of time to be spent ON the business rather than IN the business each day.

By this I mean instead of doing jobs, sending quotes, chasing invoices, or anything like that, for one small portion (start with as little as 15 minutes) of each day is dedicated to learning how to build your business.

If you do that over a week, it will give you enough time to read this following book that both myself and my colleagues highly recommend:

Written for electricians, by an electrician, the S.P.A.R.K.S Blueprint book is a step by step system to getting new enquiries and growing your business.

There are tips and tricks within the book that can be actioned almost immediately, and can be bringing you work with days. I’m not feeding you a line with this, the ethos within this book is what we use in our own successful electrical contracting business in the UK.

AND BEST OF ALL: It’s Free!!

No catches, you can get a free e-book by clicking on the following link:


There is also a totally free webinar by the Author, Mr James Dewane offering free advice and tips to help get that phone ringing with local jobs:


Seriously guys, check these links, they are FREE and packed full of useful and helpful info. You literally have nothing to lose and it could help you turn your business around at these uncertain times without having to resort to expensive and poor quality lead generation sites


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